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how can people deny the truth of these words?! calling their “idol” a liar? puh-lease! look at him, he’s so in love.

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yes hello i am meeting darren criss in 20 days and hearing him perform with starkid and most likely talk to him in italian and i’m not ok BYEEEEEEE

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Do you ever look at them and think

what would my life be without them

because i do. a lot. they all mean so much to me. their talent, their works, their friendsip, their personality. they inspire me so much to be a better person, to do more, to follow my dreams and understand that it’s never too late and you’re never too old to have ambitions and goals to achieve.

(i wish i could’ve included all of them but ugh the limit is 10 pics… but yeah, all of them, meredith, nick, corey, julia, denise, everyone, ok?)

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AVPM Rewatch hangout

Part 2 (Part 1)

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apologies if this joke has been made already, i couldn’t resist.

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I just made a starkid friend, guys, this is the best day ever. so, we were talking about how we both love harry potter and she said:

and i ALMOST said the thing but then I didn’t but then she saw my fb background:

and she goes “oh starkids!” and i just went “wait…”

and then i went “WHAAAAAAT?!”

and in my mind i was like

and then we

and yeah i just made a friend :)

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just throwing my insignificant opinion out there and yes i’m tagging because i want the rude, disrespectful and delusional part of your group to see. really, some of you hardcore shippers are SO FUCKING BLIND okay, making up excuses in your own mind to convince yourself that cc is a thing when it’s been proven time and time again that it’s obviously not and even when darren and chris themselves say anything you yell in everyone’s face how that is all a lie. oh i’m sorry i didn’t know that fans knew better, i’m sorry, i didn’t know you were obviously up to date with the super secret life of chris and darren, oh wow no they must be lying. why should we believe our idols? lol god forbid our idols are happy with those they chose to be with oh no! what a dumb pile of shit i see every day thrown to will and mia because of you. have some freakin’ respect, your “idols” are human beings and if you loved them so much then fucking accept their choices and stop hiding behind your own stupid theories. keep dreaming if you want, but don’t force your fake beliefs on others and especially not on chris and darren themselves.

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is darren going back up on stage at weday or is he finished already?

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zachary quinto is great because theres two sides of him.

the man who is known as best dressed look


then you have the wats going on look.


classy millionaire


colorful hobo


suave well-dressed motherfucker


attractive dork


Holy mother of… image

wait wat…




can i have four chicken nuggets


mmm cut me a slice of that


wait how


hey let me be your teenage dream

dsgsdgasdg i’m a dick and my brother’s in a band

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i really need to get this out. i have to tag it, sorry guys.

I received a link about a CC shipper reacting in a very rude way to the miarren news. the post has now been deleted, but i had already typed out my answer. a little later, the same user posted this:

and while i was typing my answer and including what i had previously typed to her deleted post, i noticed that this post was deleted too!! good thing i realized and took a screenshot of my reblog post. here’s what i was gonna say:

"this is just ridiculous. how are you so blind to not believe his own words? how do you know miarren is a joke, please, you don’t know them. he said so himself. darren wasn’t himself? oh so he’s never been himself ever since he started dating her before getting on glee then. it’s true, he loves his fans, but he doesn’t like it when his girlfriend gets hate and he was forced to get defensive. what do you even think he was hinting at?

oh and please “saying he has a gf doesnt mean he has a gf”. are you serious? so i’ll say, i have two legs! but that doesn’t mean i have two legs? come on, if you’re not gonna believe him, i really don’t know what else to say. please. and about the post you deleted, here was my answer:

ok let me make a list of why this is all horribly wrong.

1) you said “i KNOW miarren is not real, i KNOW crisscolfer is on”. how do you “KNOW” that they’re not dating, how do you “KNOW” that CC is on? have you talked to them personally? I don’t think so. 

2) you said you hated him because he called his fans mean and stupid. he didn’t call his fans mean and stupid, he called all the crazy delusional people who hate on him and his girlfriend like that. and those are not fans. yes she’s the one getting hate AND ISN’T THAT JUST WRONG IN ITSELF?! no matter who you are you should NEVER get hate! oh and you also said “he still defenses the whore” WOW nice job at being supportive! you just called his girlfriend a whore, i bet he’s really happy. it’s people like you who he called “mean”. because mia is not a whore. they’ve been together for years and if she wasn’t good for him, you’d think he’d realize that. if you get hate and are told to kill yourself, that’s bullying and i’m sorry, but you can’t say he doesn’t care. if he didn’t care about suff, would he defend his girlfriend?

3) you said you’ve lost your respect for him because he called his fans (and therefore you) mean and you always defended him and chris.. really? you’ve lost your respect for him? oh wait, you DEFENDED him and chris? what’s to defend, they’ve never been together! why have you lost respect, because he’s finally and publicly admitting he’s been with mia for years? you’re being called mean because READ YOUR OWN WORDS, YOUR WHOLE POST IS MEAN TO HIM!

4) you said “Standing up against bullying and for the LGBT community was for nothing”, and why’s that? I didn’t know you had to be gay to stand up against bullying. I didn’t know you had to be gay to support LGBT. 

5) you said you wanna know what happened to “i don’t like labels”? well, i think he was forced to explicitly state he’s straight because delusional fans just won’t see the blatant truth. but of course, even when he’s said so multiple times, crazy crisscolfer shippers won’t believe it and won’t respect his choices. such good fans.

6) you said “was it a joke to begin with? because if so i will never forgive him for that”, what exactly was a joke? the slight jokes about him and chris? yes, obviously those were a joke, but shippers took that and blew it out of proportion and now it’s gotten out of hand. he is straight and has a girlfriend, stop grabbing onto details and jokes from the past.

7) and you also said you will “always ship crisscolfer no matter what”. hahahah that’s such a nice example of coherence to your own words. a few lines above, you’ve said you hate him and you won’t ever forgive him, but still you want him to be with chris or you support the two of them being together, i’m sorry, i don’t really understand.

i’m done. i probably just wasted my time typing all of this but i really couldn’t stand to read something like that. you might have deleted that post because you over reacted but that just shows what your thoughts actually were.”

I am truly sorry if my reply sounded rude, but did it, really, considering what i was replying to in the first place?

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This is what I wrote on the FB fan account I admin:

Given the recent interview in which Darren confirmed his relationship with Mia, I am appalled that so many people, who call themselves fans, are going against it and are forcing him to fit in a fake-reality he doesn’t belong to. He is not and never was in a relationship with Chris Colfer and whoever still believes that his relationship with Mia is just a staging of the PR, I’m sorry, but it’s time to wake up. If you want to keep thinking of him and Chris together, do so, but do NOT invade their private lives with your fantasies and do NOT accuse Darren of lying about his sexual orientation, especially since he’s a respectful friend and ally of the LGBT. He’s repeatedly stated he’s straight and in the interview he’s revelaed his knowledge of how much hate is thrown against his girlfriend. They’ve been dating since before Darren got on Glee and my opinion is that they had to officially announce it because the fans who are so sure Darren is with Chris have become invasive and disrespectful, towards all 3 people involved and it’s gotten too far. Nice way of being a fan. Maybe it’s time to stop objectifing 3 human beings (who have feelings!) just to keep living in your own unfounded fantasy like it was a real life truth.

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› Team Starkid's first appearance on Italian TV

This episode of “Lorem Ipsum” talk about the way most orginal and funniest stuff are now uploaded online and of course Team Starkid had a mention! Starting at 2.47 if you’re interested, they showed a bit of AVPM, a bit of Meredith and Darren speaking and a bit of HMB. I may or may not have screamed a little.

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omg adorable Klainer kittens. :3

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I need lots more Darren Criss on my dash, please!

like and/or reblog this if you post mostly Darren Criss, please!! I really want more of his cute hot sexy puppy adorable face on my dash! I’ll check you out and follow some of you! (no crisscolfer shippers, please)

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like, sorry, but miarren is perfection. also, JOEY what is your face omg.


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