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23 years old. Italian.
Admin to the official page of Starkid Italia.
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What makes my life worth living:
Team Starkid, Joey Richter, Harry Potter.
My friends: Melissa Angel, Emily-BabyPoo, Evy, Lulu, MLiz, Steph, Daisy, Beth, Kelly, Lauren, Becca, Barbara, Poppy, Emily(s), Becky...
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One Shots

These are not smut. Main charachters may vary. 

Always - Jul 19th, 2012 - [starring Joey Richter] Joey and Laura are best friends, but Laura is in love and when she sees him with another girl, she breaks down. Inspired by MAMD and a real life fact.

David. My David - Oct 21st, 2012 - [starring David Tennant] A girl stumbles upon her ex boyfriend David after years of silence. He’s famous and his life has changed. What will happen? Inspired by the Doctor Who episode ‘Doomsday’ and a dream I had once.

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