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Railway to heaven - A Joey Richter One-shot Fan Fiction.

WARNING: This fiction contains sexually explicit language (and that means it’s basically porn). Don’t like? Don’t read, and therefore don’t judge or insult. Thank you.


“Oh, shut up, Joey, you big kid.” she said, laughing loudly, her clear voice echoing in the empty station.

“I’m not a big kid!” I pouted, sitting on a bench in the shadow, hiding away from the hot sun. She sat next to me and punched my shoulder lightly.

“It’s not my fault we got lost, Mr. I-Know-Where-We’re-Going.” She sat next to me, still smiling, and rested her head on my shoulder. I sighed.

“Come on, we’re just… taking a different route.”

“A longer route.” She pointed out.

“Does it matter?” I smiled.

“I’m tired!” she pouted.

“And?” I teased.

“I wanna eat!”


“I hate you.”

I laughed. “I love you too, babe.”

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David. My David. [Inspired by last night’s dream and the episode “Doomsday”]

The match had just finished. We had won. I was really excited. Nothing could have prepared me for what was coming. I followed my friends to the park where we knew some merry-go-rounds had been set up for children to raise money for the new children hospital. My little cousin was there and I couldn’t wait to see her.

There was a lake in the park, and a tree with its branches hovering over the water. My favourite spot. I left my friends, seeking some alone-time. I saw a crowd pressed together on the lake shore. Wondering what the fuss was all about, I approached a couple and asked, “Excuse me, what’s going on?”

They turned to me with a big smile on their face. “Don’t you know? They’re filming a scene of David Tennant’s new show. Oh look, he’s right there! David! David!”

My jaw dropped. The crowd started screaming. This could not be real. David. My David. I pushed my way to the front and almost fell face down on the grass.

"Woah, careful there." strong arms pulled me up and pushed me to the front of another line. I was extremely confused. I was pushed into a tent with 3 unknown girls.

"Wait, where am I, what’s going on?"

A girl turned to me and said, “oh, so there’s 4 of us now? We have to film the underwater scene!”

I had no time to register, everything was happening so fast. I ran out of the tent, and straight into someone. “I’m sorry!” I screamed.

"Hey, no, it’s my fault, I’m so sorry!" I picked myself up and looked around, my head slightly spinning. A man approached me. "Are you ok?" 

I looked twice and literally stopped breathing.

David fuckin’ Tennant. 

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Always. A Joey Richter One-Shot. [almost 2500 words]

[Warning: contrary to my previous works, this is NOT a porn story, nor does it involve sex scenes or rude language. Funny how I feel the need to point this out, but: it’s ALL AGES!]

The way he was smiling, looking down at his phone, made my insides feel heavy as a mountain. A text from her, surely. He looked up at me for a second and I forced myself to smile back at him. The library was empty except the two of us.

"Hey, do you mind if I, um… l leave for an hour or so? She just asked me out for a coffee…"

My heart sank. “Now?” I whispered. “But, Joey…”

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Shower In Sweat - A Joey Richter Fan Fiction

WARNING: This is a real-life fan fiction that contains sex language and pornographic scenes. Don’t read if this makes you uncomfortable.

I broke the kiss and stared at him. I smiled and got up from his lap. “Well…”, I sighed, “It’s getting late. I’m gonna take a shower, ok?”

"Yeah, sure." he mumbled, confused as to why I stopped kissing him all of a sudden. I left the room before he could say anything else. I tiptoed happily into the bathroom, giggling, knowing he’d follow.

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"Nutella." - A Joey Richter Fan Fiction - Short Story.

[WARNING: CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE BAD WORDS AND SEX LANGUAGE. Also, do not read if you do not like real-life fan fictions. You have been warned. Don’t anon-hate me.]

I looked at his sleeping figure. My eyes wandered over his shirtless body. His slightly open mouth. His crooked jaw. His hair messy and his expression completely peaceful. I was proud to call myself his girlfriend. I moved in with him over a year ago, yet I’ll never cease to be attracted by how incredibily cute he looks when he sleeps.

"He must’ve been so tired… All day running around on the beach with his friends… Maybe I shouldn’t wake him…" I thought, even though sunset was approaching. I smiled and turned away. My gaze fell upon something that immediately got my brain working. Nutella. I stared at it for almost a whole minute and I found myself smirking. Oh the dirty thoughts that were forming in my mind… I took the Nutella and approached him silently. 

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