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23 years old. Italian.
Admin to the official page of Starkid Italia.
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What makes my life worth living:
Team Starkid, Joey Richter, Harry Potter.
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A few days ago, Aug 26th, Eric Kahn Gale’s new book Zoo At The Edge Of The World was realeased. On the same day, I opened a contest for Italian fans that I’m now expanding to ALL OF YOU GUYS wherever you are in the world.


If you buy Zoo At The Edge Of The World, you enter a raffle to win Eric’s first book, The Bully Book!


  • Buy Zoo At The Edge Of The World here or here.
  • Take a screenshot of your confirmation email (something like this. remember to black out your adress for privacy reasons!)
  • Send it to the Italian Starkid Facebook page or profile, my personal twitter or to

How long do I have?

Until Monday Sep. 29th, 11pm GMT!

And please reblog this post so fellow fans and anyone who’s interested can see it, thank you!

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Happy Birthday, Brian Holden!!

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Bonus gifs! Close up of Brian in the TCB Ice Bucket Challenge. Because of reasons.

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Denise Donovan - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


(the video was really low quality unfortunately and I did my best with the gif, i’m sorry)

Other gifs from Starkids’ challenges here.

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Bonus gifs! Close up of Joey in the TCB Ice Bucket Challenge. I had to. I mean look at him. 

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Tin Can Brothers (Joey Richter, Corey Lubowich, Brian Rosenthal) - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Informative and fun video, you should watch! And then donate

Other gifs here, as usual

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Dylan Saunders and Shashona Brooks (with bonus Joey Richter) - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

[Remember you can donate here! Other Starkid challenges gif are here.]

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609 plays

Ice Bucket Challenge with Dylan Saunders and Shashona Brooks! (x)

(and a surprise appearance from Joey Richter)

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Lauren Lopez, Jaime Lyn Beatty and Julia Albain - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Remember you can donate here!

Brian Rosenthal, Joey Richter, Corey Lubowich, Brant Cox, Liam White, Tyler Brunsman, Dylan Saunders, Shashona Brooks and Denise Donovan have been nominated! Gifs to be uploaded here as usual.

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Meredith Stepien - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Gifs of the Starkids’ challenges are here.

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Nick Lang, Eric Kahn Gale, Jeff Blim and Brian Holden - Ice Bucket Challenge

Raising awareness for a good cause. Donate if you can!

Lauren Lopez, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Julia Albain, Corey Dorris, Nick Gage, Talkfine and Chris Allen have been nominated! Keep an eye out of this page for future gifs.

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Southern Hospitality - Tin Can Brothers

In which Brian in a dress is a hotter girl than I’ll ever be, Brandon impersonates Clark Baxtresser and Joey is just… Joey.

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One month ago, these happened. I’m grateful to have had the chance to attend, I feel lucky and blessed because for the longest time I couldn’t afford it, but having earned enough on my own through hard work reminded me that if you want something you CAN achieve it. 

These people are what makes my life worth living. Not even kidding, my life feels empty and meaningless, and they give me something to look forward to, something to work for.

also joey’s hug was the tightest hug i’ve ever gotten and i’d never been happier fucking hell and darren’s a silly man cause i told him to point at my glasses’ eyebrows and he said yes but forgot to do it what an adorable idiot and dylan was so fucking sweet he keeps greeting me in italian whenever i see him and joe thanked me for buying his tshirt and im pretty much done

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My Shiny Teeth And Me video, where Joey Richter is Chip Skylark, was posted one year ago today.

Let us all remember this wonderful masterpiece by the Craig The Genie cast and crew, also known as Cool Pool Party:

Featuring Pat McLaughlin as Joey’s tooth

Directed by Brandon Blanks and Andrew Parkhill

Produced by Jordan Kelley

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