Joe Moses doing Jensen Ackles’s "Eye Of The Tiger" in Tessa Netting's video.

Great job, Panda King!

› World's First Online Lemonade Stand

So not only you can get a cool tshirt from this, but you also help them raise funds for future sketches and live shows!!! so go donate if you can!!!


Today is the day! CONFLUENCE is out, and I couldn’t be more proud of Dylan! I can finally open this contest to win this poster that he agreed to sign!


  • you don’t have to be following me
  • every reblog counts
  • likes count
  • you must’ve purchased the album (or at least a few songs from it) - warning: i will ask for proof if you’re picked as the winner!

extra entries will be possible if you RT this tweet or like this FB post

I will put all the names from tumblr/twitter/facebook together and randomly pick one on October 15th at 10pm GMT!


Joey Richter did ADR for Maze Runner, look for his name in the credits!!!

God im so proud of him.



A few days ago, Aug 26th, Eric Kahn Gale’s new book Zoo At The Edge Of The World was realeased. On the same day, I opened a contest for Italian fans that I’m now expanding to ALL OF YOU GUYS wherever you are in the world.


If you buy Zoo At The Edge Of The World, you enter a raffle to win Eric’s first book, The Bully Book!


  • Buy Zoo At The Edge Of The World here or here.
  • Take a screenshot of your confirmation email (something like this. remember to black out your adress for privacy reasons!)
  • Send it to the Italian Starkid Facebook page or profile, my personal twitter or to

How long do I have?

Until Monday Sep. 29th, 11pm GMT!

And please reblog this post so fellow fans and anyone who’s interested can see it, thank you!

Happy Birthday, Brian Holden!!

Bonus gifs! Close up of Brian in the TCB Ice Bucket Challenge. Because of reasons.

Denise Donovan - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


(the video was really low quality unfortunately and I did my best with the gif, i’m sorry)

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Bonus gifs! Close up of Joey in the TCB Ice Bucket Challenge. I had to. I mean look at him. 

Tin Can Brothers (Joey Richter, Corey Lubowich, Brian Rosenthal) - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Informative and fun video, you should watch! And then donate

Other gifs here, as usual

Dylan Saunders and Shashona Brooks (with bonus Joey Richter) - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Ice Bucket Challenge with Dylan Saunders and Shashona Brooks! (x)

(and a surprise appearance from Joey Richter)

Lauren Lopez, Jaime Lyn Beatty and Julia Albain - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Brian Rosenthal, Joey Richter, Corey Lubowich, Brant Cox, Liam White, Tyler Brunsman, Dylan Saunders, Shashona Brooks and Denise Donovan have been nominated! Gifs to be uploaded here as usual.

Meredith Stepien - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Gifs of the Starkids’ challenges are here.